Jean Merlaut, who had always been in wine and had an avowed allegiance to the French author and Nobel Prize winner François Mauriac, acquired the vineyard of the Malagar estate in 2004.
Since then, he has worked with passion and energy to get the very best out of this terroir by rethinking a new relationship with the soil.

François Mauriac gave these few hectares of vines an idea of the continuation of things. And that’s the objective I have set myself, to continue vine-related things the best I can.
– Jean Merlaut –

On the ideally exposed slopes of Malagar, the vines flourish in perfect order.

Terroir and landscape

The history of Château Malagar vines is very closely linked to the power and beauty of its landscape and terroir.
This is like a little Tuscany just next door to the wine-producing areas of Sauternes, Loupiac and Entre-Deux-Mers!
The River Garonne winds between the lush hills, the light is gentle, one or two cypress dot the sky and the Landes Forest closes the horizon.

The most beautiful countryside in the world to my eyes, thrilling, fraternal, the only one to know what I know…
– François Mauriac –

My characters are kneaded from Malagar’s clay.

François Mauriac

Malagar is finally ours! In 1927, the author inherited the wine estate of his childhood that had been in the family since 1843.
He used it as his summer home and stayed there very regularly throughout his life with his wife, children and friends.
He was fascinated by vine husbandry and the countryside inspired him.
In his office by the vathouse, he wrote when winegrowing allowed him, in an inspiring place, where books ripen in three weeks: Vipers’ Tangle, Flesh and Blood, Destinies, Thérèse Desqueyroux…

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